A Full Moz Academy Review: Is Moz's SEO Training Worth It?

Moz Academy Review: An Introduction

If you're an SEO specialist (or aspire to be), Moz SEO software is likely on your radar. In this Moz Academy Review, we'll discuss Moz as a software company, as well as the value that Moz Academy courses bring to you and your organization.

Not only is Moz software one of the leading platforms for SEO professionals, but the brand also hosts some of the most up-to-date SEO training available.

Moz Academy educates beginners and experts on how search engines work, including insight into Google algorithm updates. All Moz classes focus on White Hat SEO techniques valuable to marketers, content writers, and web analytics professionals.

The purpose of this Moz Academy Review is to give you a closer look at what this online training has to offer. If you'd like to jump to a particular section within this review, you can select the anchor text below.

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How I Prepared for This Moz Academy Review

First of all, I can't say that I purchased Moz Academy training for the purpose of writing a review. However, after investing in my SEO training at Moz, I've had many peers ask me, "Was it worth it?"

My answer is usually Absolutely! That said, Moz Academy is not for everyone.

In my line of work as a Search Engine Journalist, it is vital that I understand the connection between those using search engines to find information and search engine algorithms.

But for some, Moz Academy offers far more technical knowledge than is helpful. I'll leave you with information, and you can decide whether or not Moz training is something that will add value to your career.

Classes I've Taken

Here is a list of all the courses I've completed at Moz Academy:

  • SEO Essentials Certification

    • Understand the Fundamentals

    • Develop Keyword Strategies

    • Apply On-Page Optimization Strategies

    • Build Effective Link Strategies

    • Create Efficient Reporting Strategies

    • Final Exam

  • Backlink Basics

  • Keyword Research

  • Local SEO Fundamentals

  • Page Optimization

  • Reporting on SEO

  • SEO Fundamentals

I successfully graduated from SEO Essentials, as well as Moz Academy's SEO Bootcamp (which has been unfortunately discontinued).

Prior to Moz Academy, I already had a basic understanding of search engine optimization. My Digital Marketing certification from Cornell University taught me some of the basics of SEO, but most of my SEO knowledge came from on-the-job training.

I had also been a student of Google Analytics Academy, a similar institution hosting critical training for my industry.

My experience with Moz Academy was 100% positive. Barring a handful of minor frustrations, my Moz training was everything I had hoped for and more.

Who is Moz?

Moz is an SEO software platform for business websites. Its flagship product is Moz Pro, an all-in-one suite for SEO strategy, auditing, and reporting.


Moz is also famous for Moz Local. As one of the most impressive SEO platforms for small, local businesses, Moz Local optimizes web presence for directory listings and beyond.


Lastly, Moz offers a number of free tools, including:

  • Keyword Explorer

  • Moz Bar

  • Link Explorer

  • Free web analysis tools

  • MozCast

Should You Take Advantage of Moz Pro’s Free Trial While Taking Classes at Moz Academy?

What Moz hopes is that you will complete Moz Academy training and invest in their Pro software. That said, you’re not obligated to use Moz Pro during your classes.

Neither will not using Moz Pro take away from the quality of training you’ll receive from Moz Academy.

But the Moz Pro trial is free for 30 days. If you manage a website, it can’t hurt to sign-up for the trial and cancel before subscription fees begin. During your classes, you can tinker with the software and gain more hands-on experience.

What Moz Academy Has to Offer

Moz Academy includes SEO introductory courses, as well as more technical instruction on White Hat tactics like link-building, reporting, and more.


Once you feel comfortable with the material, you can take advantage of classes that help you build an SEO or content marketing agency of your own.

My recommendation is to begin with the SEO Essentials series. Not only will you get a nice overview of all critical SEO components, but you’ll graduate with a certificate to endorse your skills.

If your budget can’t handle the full Essential pack, you can buy each course individually until you’ve completed the series and pass the exam.

Moz Academy Pros

  • Classes are engaging

  • User-friendly

  • Certifications are valuable in the eyes of marketing agencies

  • All training focuses on White Hat SEO tactics

  • Moz is a reputed authority on SEO and web analytics

Moz Academy Cons

  • Cheaper than college credit, but still not that cheap

  • Customer support mainly exists to help Moz Pro and Local clients

  • Class registrations expire after 12 months

Moz Academy Class Format


After purchasing a course or series, your Moz Academy dashboard displays your courses as shown above. To begin a class, click the blue hyperlinked text, and you will arrive on a class overview shown below.


I recommend taking each class in one sitting. Moz Academy will save your progress and allow you to retake a class as often as you like.


Class video playback gives you the option to speed up or slow the content at your discretion. At any time during a class, you can click the top left corner to view a sidebar class overview.

Quizzes and Tests

After every class, Moz Academy quizzes you on the material. These quizzes range from 5-12 questions depending on the class.

If you’re preparing to take a certification exam like the one offered in SEO Essentials, you can go back and retake these quizzes as often as you like.

Certification exams are nearly exact replicas of questions asked in your class quizzes. However, Moz updates these quiz and exam questions frequently, so I recommend grasping the material over memorizing questions and answers.

I did not find the quizzes or tests too difficult. Like I mentioned above, I did enter training with a basic understanding of search engine optimization. Even the more difficult course material was manageable with a little bit of study.

For certification exams, you need to achieve an 80% to pass. If you fail an exam, you get two more chances to pass.

The Value of Moz Certifications

In my experience, vocational certifications like those issued from Moz Academy are becoming more valuable than formal college training.

Not only will Moz Academy training enhance your SEO skills, but a Moz certificate of completion on your resume will also improve your prospects with marketing agencies.

After completing a certification, Moz makes it easy for you to share your new credential on your Linkedin profile. You can also download and display your certificate as shown below.

How Much Does Moz Academy Cost?

*From now until the end of May 2020, Moz Academy courses are free. You won’t be able to get an entire series for free, but you can take each individual course for free using promo code “wegotthis”.*

If you want to take courses on how to use Moz Pro, they are free. All other Moz Academy courses cost $50-200 each. By bundling your courses into a series, you can save a little cash.

Series costs are as follows:

  • Starter Pack – $149

    • SEO Fundamentals

    • Keyword Research

    • Local SEO Fundamentals

  • Sequel Pack (to the Starter Pack) – $289

    • Page Optimization

    • Backlink Basics

    • Reporting on SEO

  • SEO Essentials Certificate – $595

    • SEO Fundamentals

    • Keyword Research

    • Local SEO Fundamentals

    • Page Optimization

    • Backlink Basics

    • Reporting on SEO

  • SEO Client Prospecting and Pitch Series – $295

    • The Fundamentals of SEO Client Prospecting

    • Finding Potential SEO Clients

    • Prepare for the SEO Client Pitch

Just remember that any classes you purchase expire after one year. If you choose to purchase a series, I strongly recommend completing your courses as soon as possible so that you do not forget to complete your training before the deadline.

Customer Support

Unless you are a Moz Pro or Local customer, you’re not always going to get immediate help.

You have access to a chat feature on the lower right-hand side (see screenshot on the right). However, the chat option holds regular business hours.

If you need assistance after business hours, you can initiate a help ticket on the contact page here.

In the Moz Help Hub, you can access tutorials and FAQs to help you troubleshoot issues on your own.

Phone support for Moz Academy students is no longer available.

Aside from the difficulty of getting immediate help, my experience with Moz agents has been positive. They’re always knowledgeable and pleasant.

Any technical difficulties are usually resolved within 1-2 business days.

Moz Academy Review: A Recap

So there it is! I hope you’ve found this Moz Academy Review to be a helpful resource. If you choose to invest in Moz Academy training, I think you’ll be more than pleased with your experience.